Aesthetic Towers From the Past

Towers have existed since prehistoric times and while several of those were predominantly built to serve as a watchtower, their uses have altered completely over the years. Some of these towers, with their exquisite architectural features and historical importance have gained tremendous popularity and attracted tourists from different corners of the world. 

Let's take a look at some of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing towers that have towered through the test of time from natural disasters to widespread wars:

1) Galata Tower

Built-in: 1348

Located in: Istanbul, Turkey

Tower height: 62.59 m (205 ft)

The Galata Tower is a medieval rock tower that is located in the Galata district of Istanbul in Turkey. Being one of the city’s most striking landmarks, the tower is 67 meters (220 ft) high, with a cone-capped cylinder on top that dominates the skyline.

The tower was built in 1348 as part of the fortifications encircling the Genoese colony in Constantinople. Today there is a restaurant and café on its upper floors which oversees a magnificent view of Istanbul and the Bosphorus. Istanbul in Turkey is a spectacular city with beautiful buildings and well-known monuments. The tower also features a conical-shaped top, making it look intensely appealing. The Galata tower attracts several tourists each year. 

2) CN Towers

Built-in: 1976

Located in: Toronto, Canada

Tower height: 553.3 m (1,815 ft)

One of Canada’s most visited tourist attractions,  the CN Tower in Toronto’s downtown stands amongst many skyscrapers, displaying captivating beauty and upbeat outlook on the city. This concrete observation and communications tower was built exclusively on former Railway Lands. Built in 1973, the 1815 feet high tower boasted of being World’s tallest freestanding structure for several years before the top spot was overtaken by Burj Khalifa.

3) Eiffel Tower

Built-in: 1889

Located in: Paris, France

Tower height: 300 m (984 ft)

The Eiffel Tower is undoubtedly one of the world’s most stunning and most visited landmarks. Designed by Gustave Eiffel, it stands about 984 feet high. The reason behind its construction was that it was the entrance for the Paris International Exhibition, which took place in 1889. Eiffel tower successfully held the status of being the tallest tower in the world until New York City’s Chrysler Building’s construction was completed in 1930. Almost 200 million people have visited the Eiffel Tower since its construction. With this grand structure located in the heart of Paris, it is no wonder that the monument is known to all across the world.

4) Belem Tower

Built-in: 1519

Located in: Lisbon, Portugal

Tower height: 30 m (100 ft)

Built in Lisbon, Portugal in the initial years of the 16th century, the Belem tower stood tall as a defense system to protect the Portuguese capital.Several of Portuguese explorers would begin their journey of discovering new routes and lands from this tower, using it as a starting point for their expedition and navigation. Also called the ‘Tower of St. Vincent’, this girded and beautiful tower is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

5) Leaning Tower of Pisa

Built-in: 1372

Located in: Pisa, Italy

Tower height: 55.86 m (183 ft 3 in)

The leaning tower is actually renowned because of its unusual and unique structure. The reason behind its tilted structure is in reality a flawed foundation. The tilt began to show during its construction and consequently, the engineers had to make a change in their plans. So, one side of the upper floors was built taller than the other side which helped in compensating the tilt. This move proved to be a brilliant idea as the structure became both safe and unique. Its unique structure still manages to seize the attention of tourists all over the world. 

Written by Sara Ayoob

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