Our Story

Untwine Me: A hub of liberation
for the dreamers, by the dreamers.

Untwine Me works for the nourishment, growth, and progress of creative minds. We encourage unhinged creative expression through diverse art forms like literature, music, painting, dance, and other innovatively magnificent outlets.

Our motivation is ‘ART’, and our love is the ‘ARTIST’

And we reflect this love through our website and social media accounts where we feature artists of every spectrum from all over the world. Through our splendid journey on Instagram, we have successfully established a well-known and welcoming shared space for these artists and are forever on a hunt to discover fresh faces behind brilliant crafts to connect them to our stupendous community of talented individuals.

To untwine you from your obstacles is our main motto. Just like a flower bud needs care to bloom, our goal is to provide a beneficial environment where artists can flourish to their full potential. Keeping this in mind, our brand manufactures products which cater to the needs of creative individuals. Furthermore, we provide artists with a platform to auction their work for sale and make a well-deserved earning.

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Core Team Members 

Sparsh Paul - Creative Head and C.E.O
Twitter - @paul_sparsh

Ravgun Kaur - Features Editor
Instagram - @soul.infused.words