Tim Bengel’s Castles of Sand

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He is the man who creates magic with sand! That’s all it takes for him to visualize and introduce to the world artistic masterpieces that leave us spellbound.

Tim Bengel was born in Germany on December 31st, 1991 in the town of Ostfildern in the area of Stuttgart. His interest for art first presented itself during his early childhood when he was inspired to imitate the abstract works he had seen on his first visit to the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart.

After remaining true to his passion for art over the following years, Tim won his first art competition at the school he attended, at the age of 18 – his winning piece was a large format collage made from coins. Early on his path as an artist, Tim realized that true art does not emerge from imitation but from combining established art elements and creating something new, so he started innovating and exploring various media. Over the last few years, his art has gained worldwide recognition thanks to his innovation of a technique using sand and gold which sharply contrasts the details and intricacy of his pieces.

His idea of filming videos to deliver glimpses into his unique technique led Bengel to present his art in a way that is particularly well-suited for the internet; these vignettes into his work are not meant as tutorials but rather offer a viewing experience that culminates into a reveal climax – one of the hallmarks of his ground-breaking medium.

Due to his success on social media – where his videos receive up to 250 million views – Tim’s art has achieved popular acclaim from New York to Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong. His over half a million followers on Facebook and Instagram make him – please go ahead and try to disprove it! – the most famous German artist of his generation.

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