Sublime Spiritual Poetry by Siddhana

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Featured on Untwine.Me today is someone incredibly special and rare that we found blogging at

She’s redefining what it means to multitask or be a master of multiple talents. Meet Ranji, the blogger and spiritual teacher behind ‘Siddhana’ who’s also a skilled crocheter, artist, jewellery designer, and obsessive photoshopper who can’t see anything crooked in photos and will not rest till she fixes the error.

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She has been practicing and teaching Reiki for the past 19 years and has had some amazing experiences. Since then, she has come to understand that guiding and helping others on to their spiritual path is one of the ways she can be of service to the Universe and Mother Earth.

Over the years, she has learnt a lot about the significance, purpose and use of spiritual symbols that are prevalent in all spiritual belief systems, faiths and religions. These symbols are used in healing and balancing the body while uplifting the Soul. (We will be sharing more on the symbols very soon.)

When we asked her what motivates her to write or do all the things she does so well, she revealed that her deepest joy lies in the knowledge that each article, poem, piece of jewellery and artwork going out into the world will benefit the person using it, whether he/she is aware of it or not.

Explore some of her incredible writings here and do give her a follow on to read more:

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Heavena Singha is passionate about the written word, collecting diaries, and reading vintage books. She is currently working on a project to launch ‘Centres For Free Learning’ around the world to make learning accessible to all. She has experience in developing content for Yahoo, MSN, Snapdeal, Oxford University Press, Encyclopaedia Britannica among others.

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