Sensational Susan Sings Poetry

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Susan shares her wonderful poetic compositions as well as music @susan_be_poetry on instagram and she’s one of the finest creative soul you can follow on this platform. She writes about life with a love that is infectious and I always leave feeling better after reading her words. I was absolutely blown away when I came across a song by her singing the poetry of _thedarkdiary_

Highlighted below are some beautiful writings as well as a glimpse at what motivates her and inspires her creativity.

What inspires you to write?

 mainly nature, as well as my life experiences and that of others

3 things you cannot live without

God, my arts, fresh air

How often do you write?

 The ideas that are the core of my poems to be, develop naturally any time during my day. I write them down at the weekend, when I have more time for letting creativity take over….

What’s your biggest motivation? 

It is to express how I feel, to give relief to all the impressions of my days and life in general. That it touches others leaves me so grateful!

Your favourite memory: Horse-riding across the fields 

A note to your younger self: always be true to yourself

Favourite Artists: Nikhil Banerjee, Johann Sebastian Bach, Belle and Sebastian, Sylvia Plath

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