Megan Blahnik’s Poetic Tribute to Classic Rock

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Rock Synergy Rolls


While Jimi’s stringed paranoia purples

plucked at hazed wing,

 and kissed the yellow submarine sky,

Beatles were seen

crawling Liverpool pubs

that Lucy wept her love


eight days a week;

a watchtower

never dry.

Van’s mystic brown eyes

danced moons

in prose

while killer Queens

bit rhapsodies sweet

 tender like a

Spanish rose,

of crazy son and daughter,

both honeyed

and stoned.

The sharp dressed legs

of Billy and Page

were planted upon

 leveed stairway

as confused immigrants,

with tushes dazed,

shook their dimpled legs

and rambled on

in La Grange.

Stevie’s dusted gold spoons

stormed sisters of moon

just seventeen years old,

while laced leather chains

turned edges of rooms

into stone

too soon.

Eric’s heavenly tears poured

Layla’s breeze,

clapped in cocaine,

as rabbits jumped the

white planes Graced

at Slicked roads that crossed

and still do

to this day.

Janis’s Kozmic whiskey,

those spilled pieces

of Jack Daniels and heart,

chained balls blue while

baby cried time, so

comfortably numb, to

bricked walls

of careless sheep

and pigs

in line.

As Dylan’s tambourine

pinballed ladies that lay,

they knocked at heaven’s door;

that teenage wasteland of

of blue eyed fools,

those towns and moons.

Jagger’s “paint it black”

struck at the back

of thunder beasts


as hell’s highway bells

shook Bon’s cott

all night long

that wreaked

of bourbon.

And the storm riders’ love,

so madly misunderstood


L.A.’s rising sun,

housed lights bright

that broke through spells


estranged baby blues.

But, cry for the bad men son;

those fortunate fools that rose

in midnight poison as

the whiskeyed rain


free bird Ron

forever Gone



great beyond.

These poets of rock

once wooded and stocked

are wasting, waning like

crescent shades of

mooned fade.

But poets they shall remain

as kings and queens

of music

and art


Never forgotten.


About the Author

Megan Blahnik is an American music journalist and writer living in San Diego, California, as well as the Editor-in-Chief of our @untwine.usa location. She is a soon-to-be-published poet and illustrator with a writing background in classic rock and marketing content creation. She currently is a social media marketer and web content generation specialist for a local marketing firm in San Diego and loves her life in Golden Hill with her cat and her boyfriend. Her undying passion for clever wit prose and poetry and dedication toward her craft drive the very reason for heading this team with grace.

Give her a follow on Instagram  @m.blpoetry for more witty prose and rock history!

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