Getting To Know Poet Sam Drury

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Sam Drury is a phenomenal poet that we came across on Instagram, a vibrant platform with some of the most powerful voices sharing their poems or art daily. Sam’s emotional writings and poignant poems are always worth reading and remembering. We reached out to him @samdrurypoem to know more about this brilliant poet and lyricist who shares his work on Instagram.

Hello. I’m Sam Drury, a 26-year old from West Yorkshire in the UK. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, really. But I found myself focusing more on what I was saying through words, when I started writing lyrics for the band I’m in. Since then, I’ve drifted off into more of the poetry side, but then again what’s the difference?

A beautifully written piece by Sam Drury

Music as an inspiration

I’ve been a HUGE fan of music since my ears could truly process sound. I play guitar and have been since I was 10, it’s one of a few things in this life that makes me truly happy. Being in bands as well, creating something out of nothing. There’s no feeling like it. With the music comes the lyrics and again, coming up with something out of nothing is truly a wonderful feeling. There are countless lyricists that inspire me each and every day. Nick Cave is probably my main inspiration. The way he twists and bends his words into the most complex of riddles is astounding. But the thing with Nick is, at the heart of his words is a simple story surrounded by ease and grace. How Nick is able to play and toy with words and metaphors has always had a profound effect on me. Trying to read into what’s been said and coming up with your own version of the story. Interpretation is a wonderful thing, and with my poetry that’s something I try and exercise with most of my pieces that I post on my Instagram through imagery made up by the reader.

Poetry and Poets

As for poets, my two main inspirations has to be Jim Carroll and Charles Bukowski. Both so different yet so similar in their delivery. Very autobiographical pieces about themselves and their day to day activities. The darkness that shrouds their work is haunting, yet so unbelievably inviting. Lured into the unknown. With Jim, it’s his stories about his troubled youth and subsequent drug addiction. He takes us on a journey through heroin stained eyes. He saw a lot and wasn’t afraid to share it. Absolutely amazing. He also wrote about what he saw living in the seedy underbelly of Manhattan in the 60s, 70s and 80s. The Basketball Diaries is one of his best pieces of work, check it out. As for Bukowski… What can be said that hasn’t been said already? Just phenomenal.

My Creative Process

My creative process often changes. I could write down a phrase or even a single word and come back later and build on it, or I could literally just write a full piece from start to finish in one sitting. I mentioned earlier about my inspirations having very autobiographical pieces, I often dip my toe in that style too. It’s always different how I approach poetry. I think it keeps it fresh.

My Experience with Instagram

Being a two time published poet never ceases to amaze me either, doing something for fun with the sole intention being to post it on my Instagram page and sharing it amongst other creatives, to then having it physically in your hand in a hard back book is crazy to me. The journey has been nothing short of extraordinary so far. This community is honestly like no other. I feel as though I’m only just starting and that’s very, very exciting. 

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