Gagan Dhawan – The Man Behind The New Me Revolution

The New Me and Pen Aur Paper are two successful startups founded by Gagan Dhawan
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An ardent follower and promoter of mindful living, Gagan Dhawan is a man of many talents. A first-generation entrepreneur with a penchant for learning and building new things, he has spearheaded numerous successful ventures in distinguished fields such as health and fitness, e-commerce and commodity mining to name a few. Currently, he’s the Founder and CEO of ‘The New Me’, and the Co-Founder of ‘Pen Aur Paper’.

The key to mindful living is not just limited to adopting healthy practices on an individual level. It starts with a conscious effort to broaden your spectrum and alleviate everyone around you to do the same. Armed with this mission of changing lives, Gagan Dhawan decided to launch ‘The New Me’, an innovative fitness platform focused on transforming the mind, body and soul in 90 days.

Categorising ‘The New Me’ as merely a fitness platform would be an understatement. It is a mindfulness initiative that promotes healthy living through a mix of various practices. It encompasses a combination of dietary habits, fitness programs and the incorporation of other life-changing habits in your daily routine.

The New Me kit is a one stop solution for all your fitness, nutrition and other health needs. It is an all-inclusive holistic approach towards providing people with a renewed understanding of mindfulness.

Multidimensional fitness plans include a wide variety of workouts and different forms of yoga which are carefully curated by renowned and experienced professionals
They are helpful in rejuvenating your physical endurance and mental health. 

The diet plans are created after in depth research and discussions with industry leading nutritionists and consultants. The plant-based diet plans aim at improving your health, boosting your immunity and fulfilling your nutritional requirements in the most natural way possible while also avoiding the consumption of processed foods. These plans are tailored for each user based on their individual characteristics like height, weight etc to maximize the benefits.

In addition to fitness and diet, this platform is designed to bring out the best version of you by encouraging the inculcation of healthy and sound habits for your mind and body which are bound to increase your mental strength, confidence and willpower. Effective plans for quitting smoking is one of their most unique offerings.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to drastically change our lifestyle by staying indoors which has hampered the levels and frequency of physical activity as well as our eating habits. The New Me kit and wellness platform is here to help you stay fit and well. The box comes packaged in an attractive packaging and consists of 4 books to completely transform your life. Exercise plans for men and women, healthy weight loss diet plans, a guidebook on Hath Yoga and all you need to know about creating a new you are what you can expect from The New Me kit.

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