Delightfully Gloomy Illustrations of Malina Uami

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Malina Uami is a mystery to us, a mystery we can spend a lifetime figuring out. Yes, we love her that much! We chanced upon this fabulous artist while searching for artistic talent on the ‘inktober’ hashtag. She has created a gloomy world that is uniquely her own and that is what made us instantly connect. It’s not just art, but glimpses into her artistic soul.

It’s Halloween all year through, if one were to spend time in Malina’s world. A world that we can’t seem to get enough of. Her dark humour combined with endearing characters make her insta page a highly recommended one. Her black-and-white work is coloured by the numerous shades of her multifaceted personality. We know little about her background, or how long she has been practicing her craft. The thrill of discovering her world is what led to this feature. We wanted to surprise her, and research or an interview with her would have gotten in the way of the surprise planned by Untwine Me for this brilliant talent. We celebrate original minds and we always will. Happy to present to you all our latest discovery: Malina Uami

Malina Uami Artworks

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