Claudia Tremblay’s Expressive Art

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Claudia Tremblay makes incredible artwork portraying the beauty of femininity and innocence delicately with her strokes. Her portraits are mostly of girls with their eyes straight to the observer as they stare deep into our souls, as if they know our deepest, darkest secrets. The girls have auras that pull you closer and make you think more about the stories they have to tell. Her art transcends time and allows us to give them our own meaning as they communicate with us in their own distinct ways. Her visual vocabulary brilliantly captivates the emotions and psyche of her audience and expresses for them the complex feelings that they cannot otherwise express themselves. Motherhood, the relationship between sisters, childhood, Guatemala life – these are some of the themes excellently depicted in Claudia’s artwork.

See more of her art here:

claudia tremblay art

claudia tremblay artist

tremblay claudia


  1. Do you have prices for the first painting? I can’t find it in etsy.

    Thanks, Diane

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