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Broms the Poet Makes his Debut with ‘Feast’

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Untwine Me is thrilled to explore the life of a remarkable instapoet @broms.the.poet and bring to you a side of him that you may not be aware of. His debut book ‘Feast’ is out, and you can grab a copy by visiting his website Read on to find out all about Broms the Poet!

“I write for the coffee table in my head. For the waiting room in my heart. For the pleasure of my guests to peruse at their leisure. Welcome to my home, please don’t excuse the mess. It’s exactly how I like it. My disaster at its best.”
– Broms The Poet

Broms has lived a life well seasoned. From his most humble beginnings as host of a local rock and roll television show (think “Wayne’s World”), through his time spent touring and opening for international acts as an underground rapper/MC, to his days spending nights as a disc jockey in strip clubs across the country, the poet peppers his words with a spice that could only be harvested through the most “unordinary” of human experiences.

It is through the Love, the pain, the loss, and the gain, that Broms pens his truths, in hopes others might find a veritable solace and comfort in their own.

Broms currently calls the prairie town of Winnipeg, Canada his home, where he resides with his partner, Cat.


“FEAST”: Book One” is Broms The Poet’s first collection of professionally bound poetry and prose, and his debut contribution to the literary potluck.
It was created with the sole intent, purpose, and hope that readers might fill their minds, hearts, and plates at their own chosen pace. They could either sample and snack slowly, or gnash jaws and dive right in, indulging in its larger offerings before cleansing their palates with the shorter bits and bites, scattered throughout a grand buffet of 150 full color pages.

In less than two months on the market, the self published hardcover book became a Canadian bestseller, and has received rave reviews from all who’ve so far sampled and savoured its spread.
If you wish to have a copy of “FEAST”: Book One delivered hot and direct to your door, anywhere in the world, signed, seasoned, and sealed fresh, visit and place your order TODAY!

To read his poetry, do visit:


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