Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her 

There is no greater gift than true love. Yet sometimes, even true love needs a literal gift for that extra flair of specialness.  

A present for a lover is the most intimidating purchase thou shall ever make. And if you’re a man who is shopping for a woman, it can feel like entering a whole new dimension. 

That’s why we at Untwine Me are here to wingman the Valentines Day of all the love birds out there.  

So, tell Cupid to save his arrows because we’re aiming straight for the heart with these gift ideas for her (also recommended by her):

1) Personalised Mug

Personalised Mug ideas by Untwine Me

There is nothing like waking up every morning and pouring a warm drink to a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart. So, why not design a mug for your partner with a customised quote or drawing. Think of something that reminds you of her, like a catchphrase you two use or an activity you both share.  

It can be as corny as, “You are the chai to my samosa.” Or even something horrendous like, “You are the pineapple to my pizza. Or something with a pinch of humour, “Sometimes I look at my boyfriend and think, Damn he is one lucky man.”  

You can even go one step further and handwrite/draw something on a paper and scan it later on! 

2) Minimalistic Jewellery

Earrings idea by Untwine Me

Fun fact - not all women love jewellery but every woman loves minimalistic, and intricately designed jewellery. You can opt for earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces, or anklets. Just  remember, resist the urge to go loud and flashy and you’re all set! 

3) A Handwritten Letter

To those of you who went “huh?” at this, you have no idea how touching a well-composed letter  can be for her. There is only one trick to achieving a great letter - Put a lot of sincere thought into it. Even if you’re someone who has no flair for writing whatsoever, sit yourself down and  remind yourself of the little things you appreciate about her and write them down. After all, even  if it doesn’t end up being touching, you’ll at least earn some warm laughter! 

4) Fragrances

Valentine's Day fragrance ideas by Untwine Me

Before you dismiss this one for being cliché, hear us out! Famously known as invisible photographs, fragrances can invoke endearing emotions of a spellbindingly strange intensity. They can make an amazing gift as long as you’re tasteful about them. Just remember to look for  the right fragrance personally at your local store.

5) Sneak A Peek At Her Wish-Lists/Shopping Carts 


We’ll let you in on a little secret. There is ALWAYS something that a woman is putting off  purchasing for herself. So, if you’re comfortable enough in your relationship, just respectfully  sneak a look at her shopping apps and you’ll definitely find a bunch of items. But don’t just stop there. Remember, research is the key. Look up similar stuff in the same  category to make a quality choice instead of simply purchasing the first thing that pops up. And  voila! you’ve got yourself a successful present you just cannot go wrong with. 

6) Cook Her A Fancy Meal

No gift can amount to the effort you put in to go out of your way and prepare a special meal for  the two of you.  

A heads up on another secret: it’s even more special if you’re not much of a cook.  You can make simple pasta, or aim for the stars with a lasagna, the choice is yours. A personal  favourite of ours is ‘Your Food Lab’ on Youtube for both simple and complex recipes. 

7) A Stuffed Animal

Stuffed Animal Gift Idea by Untwine Me

Give a new spin to the stuffed teddy bears and opt for a unique stuffed animal instead. There’s something different about a giraffe or a penguin that feels way more personal and intimate. Yes, it’s as peculiarly simple as that. Just take our word for it.

8) A Succulent 

A succulent by Untwine Me

Everyone is familiar with the concept of flowers for Valentines, but a plant, or more specifically succulents, are in fact an extremely underrated but memorable presents. They radiate positivity, are easy to take care of, and constantly bring a sense of life unlike wilting flowers. So, if you’re looking for something a bit more unique and quirky, then this is the gift for you.

Written by Ravgun Kaur

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