5 Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Him

Giving gifts is a love language, a rather sweet yet intimate part of any relationship that keeps the sparks alive. Valentine`s Day is a unique event of love and romance which is celebrated with pomp and vigor. 

However, when it comes to selecting the perfect gifts for men, generic things might not do the trick. So the stakes are very real and very high, but don’t go into a panicked flop sweat condition just yet.

We’ve got your back at Untwine Me with carefully curated gift ideas for him that are easy, creative, filled with love and bound to make you a gifting genius this Valentine’s Day. 

1) Personalised Acrylic Photo Frame with Spotify Code

What’s a better way to communicate than to convey it in the form of words? This personalised acrylic frame can be personalised with a Spotify scan-and-use code that plays your loved one's favourite song or a song that resonates with a core memory for you and your man. You can find several such pieces online that will customize a photo with the Spotify scannable code that works with the Spotify application on your mobile devices. Additionally, you can select the colour of the plaque and the fonts of the message for the plaque.

2) Dine-In-The-Air Dinner Date

For the man who loves adventure and thrill, a cloud dining experience is definitely worth a shot! A romantic dinner date at 150 feet above the ground with your partner would be the most wonderful experience for both of you. You get to spend quality time with each other in an adventurous, thrilling yet romantic way, which will become an unforgettable memory. You can make it extra special by ordering his favourite cuisine!

3) Karaoke Bluetooth Microphone

If your partner loves to sing in the shower and can kill on an electric guitar session, this thoughtful gift is sure to have him in the feels! A perfect, yet simple idea of a Karaoke Microphone that’s Bluetooth enabled makes for the perfect Valentine’s day gift for your music-lover man. What’s more? You can also plan a fun-filled Karaoke night with friends and family who share the same hobby. 

4) Crazy for Cricket

Cricket is an emotion, truly. And for all cricket enthusiasts, it's a religion. You can never miss a Cricket themed gift for your man. Book tickets for a cricket match in the city for your man as the perfect Valentine’s day gift and tag along with him to enjoy a day filled with activity and fun. Your partner would love to be surrounded by people who share the same energy level and love for cricket. 

5) Pet Cafe Outing

For animal-loving introverts, there’s nothing better than a peaceful and quiet day filled with fun at a local pet cafe. Yes, they do exist!

Did you know that petting and loving a cat trigger the release of oxytocin (aka the everlasting love hormone) the same that happens when you pet a dog? The release of oxytocin increases relaxation and social bonding. Paired with pet-themed menu items, pet latte art, and toys, you can’t help but smile on this date.

Take some time out and discover the intellectual and animal-loving side of your partner, their heart will surely follow. Several pet cafes also allow you to bring your own pets, so they can play, enjoy and bond all the more over this lovely moment. 

Written by Sara Ayoob

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