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Broms is a featured poet on Untwine.Me’s ‘100 Incredible Instapoets of 2018’ and one can find his inspirational poetry @bromsthepoet on instagram, as well as on facebook and twitter. His observations about life and people are always a reminder to us to not live in the prisons built by the opinions of others. The only person who will finally be responsible for your well being and growth is you, and that is a key lesson Broms has repeatedly been sharing with his wonderfully heartfelt and well-written poetry pieces. His simplicity is admirable, and he continues to keep it real with his soulful writings. His poetry is the kind that motivates, and is also a journey through his life’s dark moments, which have been lessons for him and have helped him grow as a person. Rock bottom has brought out the best in this poet’s fantastically raw writes. He is also a great love poet to read. Do check him out @bromsthepoet and stay inspired.

Highlighted below are some of his works which we love:

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Note: We will be featuring 100 Incredible Instapoets of 2018, one at a time. The Poets will be featured in no particular order and this is not a list based on someone’s insta popularity, but a list of 100 InstaPoets Untwine Me loves to read and recommend to our readers. We encourage you to explore on your own and recommend us the ones you love to read as well, through comments on instagram (where we are most active).

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